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Best Months To Book Cheap Holiday Flights To Lagos
September 23, 2021
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Best Months to Book Cheap Holiday Flights to Lagos

Published on September 23, 2021 by admin

When is the best month for cheap flights to Lagos, Nigeria? Two of the busiest holidays are Christmas and New Year. More often than not, families whose children study abroad go on a quick vacation. That’s why Plistbooking.com analytics have been working their magic to collect some essential data to guide on when is the perfect time to book cheap flights for holidays this 2021.

Best Month for Cheap Flights to Lagos

According to data gathered,  flights are cheapest when you book 4-5 months in advance (120-150 days). Meaning, vacation planning should start in July or August. Proven and tested, tickets during that time are the lowest. Perse, if you manage to book your flight earlier than in November or December, expect to save approximately  $500 on the ticket price. 

Peak Season: Why is October Your Last Call?

Nigeria is prominent for being “Africa’s big apple.” Beaches in Lagos are usually packed during January, November, December, and July. Hence, these months mark the most expensive accommodations and flights due to high demand and incoming tourist crowds. 

August is already behind us. There are cheap holiday flights during these months, but you have to hurry because they keep going up every day. Relying on the last-minute deals in either November or December is a big NO. Take September or October as your airbag to safeguard your pocket from spending a fortune on your tickets.

Flights are More Expensive When Closer to Travel Date

Which is more practical? The ticket to Lagos bought in July costs $1000 (rises $1200-$1300 during September/ October ) or the same ticket bought in December costs $1600

You see, the difference between the cost of flights booked in July and those tickets bought in December is significant. But why?

  1. Seats are priced in blocks. Most airlines make a portion of their seats available early at a meager fare– but not all seats. 
  2. Closer to travel dates means fewer seats available—the reason why the remaining tickets come at a higher price. 
  3. (Some) Passengers are willing to pay more. Airlines are well aware that passengers need to travel and book flights even if they must pay more. 

There is at least one stopover on most flights to Lagos, Nigeria. Surprise, surprise, you can choose from these two non-stop flight routes: 

  1. From New York (JFK) to Lagos (LOS) on Delta Air Lines – 11 hours
  2. From Atlanta (ATL) to Lagos (LOS) on Delta Air Lines – 11 hours

If long stopovers and busy airports are not your things, you are always free to choose one of these flight routes. BUT, keep in mind that you have to be flexible. Since non-stop flights are scheduled less frequently, they can be more expensive than direct flights and flights with one-stop over. 

Best Month For Cheap Flights

Are Last-Minute Flights Cheap?

People who book last-minute flights are either in an emergency or on a business trip (and everything in between). Last-minute travelers always know that they have to pay more. 

If you are a traveler with no particular travel date but not limited by time, check booking sites twice or thrice a week for cheap last-minute deals. However, cheap flights can take between a few days or a few weeks than booking safely in advance. 

Airlines, for instance, do announce their last-minute sales, but when or if this happens is not set in stone. You should become a regular visitor of their websites and flight search engines to find these great deals. 

So, What Do You Need to Know Before Booking Flights to Lagos?

Call our expert travel agents to organize your travel and book you a cheap hotel. Remember, booking advanced cheap holiday flights cost more considerably than waiting for a cheap last-minute deal. 

Christmas and New year are the most cherished holidays in the world. It is never wrong to assume that they are the peak season for travel. Even so, putting aside the rush and crowded airports, it can be the most enjoyable time to travel. 

Best Month for Cheap Flights: Invest in Your Free-Spirited Travel Whimsies

Do not be afraid that the logistics won’t work out. Whether you are planning to take a spur-of-the-moment weekend vacay or need an extra night/s to extend your travels, you are free to book with us. Plistbooking.com guarantees that cheap hotel rooms available are just what you are looking for. Take note of the best month for cheap flights so you can enjoy your time without spending too much.