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HOSPITALITY Property Management System (PMS)

Top-Rated Hospitality Property Management System (PMS) for Hotels, Vacation and Short Let Rentals & Property Managers in Nigeria.

All in One PMS and Channel Manager

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Hospitality Property Management Systems (PMS) in Nigeria

Are you looking for the most comprehensive and user-friendly hotel, vacation and short let rental property management system available in Nigeria and other African countries with award-winning service? Look no further. You can manage guest requests, repeat visitors, distribution networks, owners, and personnel all in one spot.

You won’t have to adjust anything because our Property Management System (PMS) scales with your company’s growth. Our Customer Success team guarantees that you can customize the platform to meet your needs and that you and your team are well-versed in all capabilities.

Schedule a demo call right away with one of our product specialists at your convenience to obtain practical guidance and learn how our hospitability PMS system can match your property management business and help you unlock growth opportunities.

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Successful Hotels and property managers trust PlistBooking OTA Connect for several reasons.

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Award-winning customer support

“Success for our clients is success for us!” This is one of PlistBooking.com key values, and it’s something that everyone on our team learns from day one!

Our experienced and qualified team have in-depth and expert knowledge to connect and optimize all your properties with our PMS and helping you every step of the way in achieving your goals.

Growth-oriented PMS solutions

PlistBooking OTA Connect has a unique Property Management System (PMS) and Channel Manager since it scales up with your business, unlike any other software.

Each module and service is designed to help you scale your business from less than 10 to hundreds and even thousands of properties  For further information, please get in touch with sales.

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The most extensive Hotel and Vacation marketplace in Nigeria

The hotel, vacation and short let rental market is distinct in that it offers a wide range of technological options. Our marketplace connects your properties in Nigeria and other African countries with over 100 integrated software partners, and we partner with the best!

You can continue to use your existing system while you automate and optimize your and properties using our Property Management System!

Reliable Technology

We adore technology and have an extensive background in it. Every solution we have is dependable and world class.

We are flexible and quick, and we always use the most up-to-date solutions to help you succeed!

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The most effective marketing tools

Because of our extensive channel connections, you can be rest assured that your properties will appear at the top of the search results when travelers are looking for a place to stay.

Our Property management system (PMS) also have tools for customizable coupons, add-on services and configurable booking engine you can connect to your website and generate more reservations!

Advanced Reporting

Our Hotel and Vacation Rental Property Management System (PMS) also provides all the information and reports you need to enhance your operations.

The deep insight our solution provides you is unlike any other service in the industry!

To learn more, contact sales today.



Our Property Management System (PMS) keeps track of your reservations.

Keep track of your guest request, reservations, and visitors at the office or on the road. Send out special offers and services to upsell, such as extended stays.

Reservations are the lifeblood of the business, and our Reservations Manager keeps track of cleanings, guest communication, payments, and owner reports as they evolve.


Everything you need to know is in one convenient location in our Property Management System (PMS).

See everything you’re doing in one location, see who’s coming and going, and make sure every opportunity is converted into a sale.

You can see if a guest requires assistance or if a staff member is unsure using our performance dashboard. You can tell if you’re doing well or not with just one glance, and you can access all the resources you need to expand your business.

Lead Management


Use our PMS to turn those who are on the fence into bookers.

Reengage past guests, sell to them with personalized coupons, and make sure they don’t book elsewhere.

Preferences for the store, upselling opportunities, and contact information. Create marketing campaigns for those visitors and present them with opportunities they would never have imagined.

Property Management System (PMS) Frequently Asked Questions

A property management system enables a hotel, hotel chain, vacation rental or short let rental managers to manage their front-office capabilities such as managing listings, reservations and bookings, guest check-in and checkout, price, billing etc.

Property management systems allow property managers of hotels, short let and vacation rental properties to easily manage the front office operations, bookings, guest management, rates and reporting of all hotel properties in one place.

The following are some features of a good PMS for Property Managers of Hotels, Vacation and Short Let Rentals:

  • Front Desk Operations Management
  • Reservation and Booking Management
  • Integration with OTA Channel Manager
  • Guest Communication
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Mobile Applications

Property management systems (PMS) for the hospitality industry is used to manage its business operations.

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