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Channel Manager Software for Property Managers

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Channel Manager Software Built for Property Managers in Nigeria and Other African Countries

PlistBooking OTA Connect’s unique channel manager software built for Nigerian and other African countries’  property managers in mind.

PlistBooking OTA Connect’s channel manager software for property managers of hotels, vacation rentals or short let apartments connects your properties with 100+ OTA channels such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor, VRBO, Google Hotels and other top global OTAs. The channel manager for hotels, short let rentals and vacation rentals provides stable and powerful 2-way API communication to all major OTAs.

With our world class channel manager software, Property managers of hotels, vacation rentals and short let rentals in Nigeria and other African countries can rest easy knowing that pricing, availability, minimum nights, and other critical reservation data is seamlessly communicated across Airbnb, Booking.com, and Expedia.

The OTA Connect channel manager administration takes care of reservations, pricing, and availability. The channel manager software is one of the most comprehensive among property managers of hotels, short let apartments and vacation rentals in Nigeria and other African countries or even anywhere in the world.

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Distribute your hotel, vacation rentals or short let property listings to all major OTAs and niche sites with ease.

The increased OTA distribution channels of PlistBooking OTA Connect include major hotels, vacation rentals, and specialty OTAs. Vacation rental and hotel managers that use the PlistBooking OTA Connect channel manager software have access to a broader distribution network that helps them diversify their bookings and increase occupancy.

PlistBooking OTA Connect such as Google Hotels, Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, TripAdvisor and VRBO are part of OTA Connect’s channel distribution.


The Fastest Multi-Calendar on the Market.

The PlistBooking OTA Connect multi-calendar displays all of your hotel, short let or vacation rental properties, reservations, channels, and locations in one place. Users can choose between multi, monthly, and yearly views on the PlistBooking OTA Connect calendar, providing easy filtering, searching, and user customization.

The calendar’s user interface is the most user friendly in the market and yet powerful, quick, and simple to use.

PlistBooking OTA Connect’s mobile apps for both iOS and Android maintain this flexibility, power, and ease of use.

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You may even manage hotel-style arrangements.

Look no further if you require hotel-style multi-unit support for your hotel, vacation or short let rentals properties. You can allocate guests to units and connect numerous room kinds to a single property.

Our channel manager software allows the growth of property managers who run Vacation Rentals, Short let Rentals, Motels, Guest Houses, Hostels, and Hotels, and our multi-unit support ensures that you gain maximum visibility on your website, Booking.com, Hotels.com, and other vacation rental, short let rentals or hotel OTA sites.


For large parties, flexible solutions are available.

Combine numerous hotel, vacation rentals and short let rental listings to eliminate the possibility of double reservations on all major channels!

You have the flexibility of combining several small units into a large unit when needed to maximize revenue, but rent out individual units when you’re not fully booked.


Are you ready to learn how PlistBooking OTA Connect channel manager software can help
transform your property management business?

Customized Solution That Scales With Your Business's Goal

We understand every property manager or hotel has a unique need. We work with each hotel or property manager to help them reach their maximum potential. We encourage to book a demo with us. When you do, you can quickly evaluate whether our channel manager software is the right fit for you. 

Channel Manager Software Frequently Asked Questions

A channel manager is a software that connects your hotels, vacation rentals or short let rentals property to online travel agents (OTA’s) and other online distribution channels. It synchronises price, availabilities and property details across all OTA platforms.

A Channel manager software enables property managers of hotels, vacation rentals or short let rentals to automatically update the price and availabilities of their properties on each OTA channel. Without this, property managers would have to do it manually which would be a very time-consuming, inaccurate and inefficient process. So channel manager software is a must have tool for property managers.

The difference between a PMS and a channel manager software for hotels and vacation rentals is that a PMS focuses on automating operational tasks and streamlining workflows for your listings. However, a channel manager software centers mainly on automating price, availability of the online distribution of your listings with OTA channels.

Our Channel manager software comes FREE with our Property Management System (PMS). We have a low entry level monthly subscriptions that is very affordable. We work with each of our clients to create a pricing strategy that meets their demands. We are adaptable to various clients who require unique scenarios. Clients with large Hotel chains, Short Let Rentals or Vacation rental properties would also get the most competitive rates. Schedule a demo now to find a decent solution for your demands and budget!

Our pricing model is very flexible based on the needs of our clients. For our self service clients, we charge only subscription fees and provide on-going support on the software. However for our Managed clients, we charge only commission.

Our pricing includes everything you need to manage your hospitality business. From Property Management, Channel Management to Reservation Calendar, Reporting etc. We have it all! Even though you start with managing just one property, our solution grows with you and you don’t have to change the software to manage thousands of properties effectively. Our platform works for you regardless of where you are in your business.

Yes. We offer you a FREE trial for up to 14 days so you can take a look at our channel management and property management software and decide for yourself if it’s good for you. Please schedule an appointment with one of our sales representatives today to discuss your requirements!

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