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Meeting Icebreakers 3 Event Planner Marketing Strategies That Works
October 19, 2021
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Meeting Icebreakers: 3 Event Planner Marketing Strategies That Works

Published on October 19, 2021 by admin

Much of your success as an event planner in Lagos depends on your ability to bring in new business, produce extraordinary events, and keep your customers coming back. While you may believe that your events speak for themselves (and perhaps they do! ), the reality is that outstanding marketing is required to distinguish yourself from other event planners and attract new clients. Surprise, surprise, this is where this article on marketing for event planners comes in.

In this piece, we’ll look at five tried-and-true marketing methods, suggestions, and examples that every event planner should be aware of. The competition is intense, so use this article to help you stand out.

Discover five marketing tactics for event planners that you should be aware of:

Without a clear target audience to serve, no firm can succeed. In the case of event planning, this entails determining the types of events you can successfully organize and the clientele for whom you can produce them. And, this is where all of your marketing efforts will begin.

1. Discover your niche.

Know your potential clients. Customer personas are what they’re called, and they can assist shape your event planner marketing approach in various ways. Instead of focusing on demographics or broad terms like millennials, create a list of ideal clients that include as much information as possible. They will help you decide which photos to use on your website, which social media channels to concentrate on, where to spend your advertising budget, and which event trends will be crucial for your company. It will be easier to sketch out your marketing strategy if you understand your customer deeper.

Take a look at your most successful former events in Lagos to figure out what your specialization is. Alternatively, look for incidents from other people’s lives that you’d like to replicate. What ties them together? Are they all the same size, in the same type of place, or dealing with the same subject? Was there a specific industry represented among the event organizers or attendees? What words would you use to characterize their objectives?

Let these assist you in creating a statement that targets a specific audience.

Statements will be a combination of your value proposition, event type(s), desired customer, and (sometimes) a location. Listed below are a few examples:

  1. “I design extravagant weddings for high-profile and celebrity couples who want their guests to be wowed.”
  2. “For charitable groups, my company provides seamless, high-impact in-person and virtual conferences.”
  3. “Through fundraising sports activities, we assist charity to connect with passionate supporters.”
  4. “I organize small-scale concerts for up-and-coming local performers to establish a following in malls, parks, and outdoor theaters.”
  5. “I own a company that organizes virtual corporate gatherings for the finance sector.

Communicate this audience targeting statement with your team and discuss what it implies for your marketing. Where would you look for the perfect clientele based on your statement? What will you use your website to communicate the value proposition? What is the appropriate branding for the events you’re planning? When combined with your mission statement, this statement will provide you with a clear route forward for your event planner marketing approach.

2. Make your website one of your top priorities.

It’s time to look at your website with your audience targeting statement in mind. Now go ahead and navigate to it as though it’s the first time you’ve seen it. Keep a few things in mind.

Ask these questions to yourself.

  1. What comes to mind?
  2. Is it possible to see the company’s name, its emblem, and the services it provides without scrolling?
  3. Can you call someone to speak about an event with only three clicks?
  4. Is it clear from the photographs on the site what types of events are planned? Are they of good quality, pleasing to the eye, and compacted to load quickly?
  5. Is the website gaining credibility by allowing other people to express their stories? Is there a section with testimonials, reviews, and photos, and videos of attendees?
  6. Is there a social media channel connection on the website?

Make sure your website is clear, engaging, and matches the style and tone of your events by answering these questions. Take a look at these event centers in Lagos if you need some ideas.

3. Build and maintain relationships both online and offline.

One of the best aspects of advertising your event planning company is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. You can create a network of advocates who can help you achieve your goals by developing contacts in your neighborhood and industry.

Here are some straightforward suggestions for growing and exploiting your network.

  1. Collaborate with local suppliers who provide the services you’ll need for your events. You’ll ensure complete services as well as future business referrals by having a go-to caterer, florist, printer, transportation provider, audio/visual company, and so on.
  2. Commit to one or two social media channels. Ask questions, add value, offer advice, and get to know your audience members.
  3. Think about taking your community offline and forming a closed or membership-based group. These neighborhoods are becoming increasingly popular. They allow event planners to work more closely with a specific group of people, actually get to know them, and assisting them with difficulties as they emerge.
  4. Look for opportunities to collaborate with local businesses. You may give away restaurant gift cards as door prizes, use local artists’ artwork in your event graphics, provide mini-massage sessions from a neighboring clinic during programming breaks, or even hire a local taco truck to serve.
  5. Make yourself known and heard in your neighborhood. Make sure you offer your thoughts on your industry and local happenings. You cannot know who will notice your message and want to find out more about you.

Use of one these event planner marketing ideas right now!

You can build a reputation by having a solid point of view, irrespective of the nature of the event you organize. The idea is for clients and guests to know it’s one of your events without realizing you’re there. It could reflect your unique welcome presents, breakout session management, exciting interactive features, or the overall tone or vibe of the event.

Remember that event planner marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. You will be great on your way to reaching more potential clients if you follow the tactics above, tailor them to your business, and book one of our exquisite but cheap event centers in Lagos, Nigeria.