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Event Venue Security Tips 101 3 Best Practices For Event Centers In Lagos
October 13, 2021
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Event Venue Security Tips 101: 3 Best Practices for Event Centers in Lagos

Published on October 13, 2021 by admin

One of the reasons event centers in Lagos never sleeps is because of the many social activities that happen in it pretty much every day. Venue managers and personnel of event centers in Lagos, Nigeria, are responsible to their guests to offer crowd control and safe, enjoyable experiences. It is crucial for the safety of both guests and workers and reducing complaints that could result in an adverse event venue review.

Best Practices for Event Centers in Lagos

There is one area where things may rapidly get out of hand when it pertains to check-in queues. Stragglers may cut in front of the line or assemble to the side, blocking the entrance. Instead, if there are several registration/sign-in sections, use stanchions to mark the check-in lines or entrances and direct visitors to the correct line. Specific places, such as VIP ticket holders, will-call, or ticket buying windows, should be marked.

In terms of security, these are the individuals tasked with maintaining the peace. You should not confront rowdy guests; that is something that security should handle. When it comes to a suspected guest safety risk, ushers should contact security as soon as feasible. These are the experts who know the most about crowd control at events. At check-in, security should be in charge of checking luggage for weapons and other banned items.

At your next large-scale event, make sure to incorporate these three crowd control best practices as part of the planning process.

Tip #1 Have lots of ushers and security on hand in your event venue.

A substantial staff presence is required for a huge event venue. The majority of these will be event venues workers, but there will also be event security professionals provided by the venue or hired from a third-party provider. Ushers, who are responsible for customer-related activities such as escorting guests to their seats, maintaining order in the check-in queue, and directing attendees where to go, should be included in your event venue’s workforce. There should also be a simple way for customers to find a guest service desk or station to get answers to their questions without bothering a busy staff member.

Tip #2: Make sure the event centers in Lagos are well-signposted.

Attendees will be traversing a packed (perhaps dark) event venue that they are unlikely to have visited before. Use plenty of signs to direct guests in the appropriate direction so that they don’t get lost. It can include indications for the following:

-directions to the nearest restroom where the registration line for permitted smoking places begins

-restricted or staff-only sections for exhibits or workshops

Tip #3: Always have a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Prepare for the worst-case situation at all times. Numerous things could go wrong, demanding an orderly evacuation or a security issue. For example, it might include a fire breaking out, sudden weather changes, a crowd brawl, terrorism, or attendees carrying weapons into the venue. Guests may be compelled to abandon the event until law enforcement or firefighters arrive in any of these situations. Facility managers should be familiar with the structure of the venue and also the locations of all exits. Staff should be the last ones to go. They have to keep the peace and ensure that everyone leaves safely.

PlistBooking.com Prioritizes The Safety of Your Event.

Plistbooking.com creates an emergency plan including both outdoor and indoor events just in case.

It’s far too simple to believe that nothing could ever go wrong in event centers in Lagos, Nigeria. It’s critical, though, that your team be mentally prepared to deal with the unforeseen. There have been countless stories of violence and commotion at the event centers over the years. With a massive turnout at an event venue comes a huge responsibility. The venue manager’s responsibility is to ensure that the event is entertaining, memorable, and, most importantly, safe using appropriate crowd management techniques. Planners, companies, and venues all profit from events. However, there is always the danger of something significant going wrong in any live public venue.

As a result, our crew is always prepared to act on a whim. After all, we prefer to work with well-run and secure event venues in Lagos. 

So, for hundreds more, use our event venue search engine. All in one place, you can narrow down the best event venues for your needs, compare them side by side, look at floor plans, and make a request. For reference, see the following event centers in Lagos, Nigeria.

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