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Revive Your Wanderlust By Working From Home Like A Boss
February 17, 2022
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Revive Your Wanderlust by Working From Home Like a Boss

Published on February 17, 2022 by support

Working from home is becoming more popular – an option that many people are acquainted with, but the change in environment may be difficult for others. While working from home may seem like a dream come true, your home is a hotbed of procrastination. It’s critical to stay focused and productive while also remaining sane in the face of cabin fever. So, here is some work from home ideas that you can try.

Work from Home Ideas: Inspired trip touch to keep the spirit up and the dreams bright

Is there a  coffee?

It’s more like a necessity to work from home! Start your day off properly with a fun travel cup that will put a smile on your face. Your day will be filled with an eager and goal-driven mood, whether you choose something encouraging, quirky, or just a lovely graphic. Do you prefer a cup of tea? This is the time to play around with different aromatic flavors worldwide. Add some coconut, or go for something spicy to liven up your taste buds for a tropical flavor.

Choose a screen saver.

Imagine being engulfed by the thick trees of gorgeous beaches during your breaks. Who doesn’t enjoy daydreaming about a faraway land? With only one click, your screensaver will transport you to the wonders of Mother Earth. Set up your computer to take you on a virtual trip to your desired location. This work-at-home option can entice you to learn about Moroccan culture or fall in love with France. Get motivated for a happy day.

Desk adornment

A desk planner or calendar functions as a timetable as well as office décor, so choose one that inspires you to travel. Every week, start in a different place with a travel-themed office. To keep you company while you jot down key dates, print out your favorite destinations as backgrounds. Set the theme and background of your calendar or task board if you like to keep things digital. You can’t help but make a note of a few travel dates!

Redecorate collectibles

Doodle some travel icons on your books and cover them with maps or passport prints. While working from home, the visually appealing result inspires creativity. Those souvenirs you picked up on your travels? They can now create the ideal desk decor for a travel-themed workplace. Decorate your workplace with mementos that can also be used as accessories. Put your pencils in a beer stein, for example.

Shelves for suitcases

Another great work from home ideas, Little suitcases may simply be turned into shelves for your workplace decor, and they can also be used as storage. Stack them or use one as a desktop stand if you’re working on many displays. Remember that the suitcase’s contents should not be products that you frequently use, packing and unpacking everything to open the case might be tedious.

Galleries of travel

When the going gets rough with remote work, invest in tips to improve your spirits. Personalized office design usually makes you feel happier and puts you in a better mood at work. To take a trip down memory lane, fill certain areas with images of friends and family. Choose the location for your collage and sketch out a few layout options to figure out how many photographs you’ll need. Print them out and let your imagination run wild! Add captions or doodles to your layout to make it even more entertaining.

Pinboard with a purpose

Don’t we all adore suffocating our desks with millions of small colored sticky notes? A stack of sticky notes is not the finest workplace accessory. Visual presentation has a huge impact on your productivity, mood, and mindset. Traditional global map shouts travel like nothing else. But make this work office décor practical by planning out a corkboard in the style of a global map on your wall. To keep your workplace clutter-free, stick your notes and pin important reminders.

Make your keyboard unique.

Nothing beats a vibrant keyboard for getting your creative juices flowing. A customized keyboard can be purchased in various designs on the internet. If, on the other hand, you prefer stylish chic, rely on simplicity to be productive: place trip icons on appropriate keys. An airplane on the enter tab, for example, or a city silhouette on the space bar. Are you prepared to send that email? Take off!

Keep it classy.

Keep in mind that the goal is to remain productive and focused. Maintain a balanced work environment, set your hours, and set realistic goals. Working from home necessitates self-discipline and motivation. A cluttered environment might be distracting, negating the objective of your workstation. Keep your head clear and organized, just like your desk, to #riseandgrind at work.

2 Bedroom Luxury Apartment for Short-term Lease

Working From Home Like A Boss

Why Should You Consider a Short-Term Lease in Lagos as Your  Ideal Workstation?

Say you and your family are preparing to relocate to Lagos. It has piqued everyone’s interest. You can’t wait to start experiencing the rush and bustle of Nigeria’s busiest metropolis, and you’re already looking for the best hotel discounts on the internet.

But before, have a look at these quotes.

“Home is where the world’s sorrow is kept out, and the world’s love is kept in.” A well-known passage from Poet Greenwell’s poem, Home. “A home is a shelter from the storm—all kinds of storms,” William Bennett reportedly stated.

Hotel accommodations will provide you with both comfort and security. However, it will not provide you with the comfort of a house. It will never provide you the pleasure of a home-cooked supper from your wife or the freedom to play hide-and-seek with your children.

In Lagos, a short let allows you to rent a residence for a shorter amount of time. It would allow you to reproduce your Home while also allowing you to enjoy your time in Lagos. If you’ve never tried short-term rental before, one of the following reasons might persuade you to try it for the first time.

Find the ideal spot to call home.

A short-term rental in Lagos would allow you to compare sites before making your final decision.

Organizing temporary housing while searching for permanent housing will assist you in finding the ideal spot to live with your family. It will assist you in selecting a place that is both compatible with your lifestyle and convenient to basic facilities.

Live the way the natives do.

Short-term rentals will assist you in gaining the trust of the community.

If you’re conducting social research or attempting to grasp Yoruba culture, you’ll need to create trust in the shortest amount of time possible. You will live among the people if you rent for a short time. It will allow you to gain their trust. For long-term partnerships with the community, trust is essential.

Set aside some time for a temporary job.

You will be able to do temporary job tasks away from Home with the help of a short let.

When you have a project in Lagos, securing a short-term rental will allow you to complete the assignment without spending money on hotel accommodations. You will be able to move with your family if you have extra rooms.

It prevents you from relocating your property.

In Lagos, the majority of short-term rental apartments are furnished.

You can avoid the burden of relocating big household furniture and other necessities by renting a furnished apartment. Moving large pieces of furniture in Lagos traffic is not an experience you want to have.

It will not cause harm to your wallet

Apart from the convenience that short-term rentals provide, they can also help you save money by reducing the amount you would have spent on purchasing and renovating those expensive houses.

It provides you with solitude and space.

You will have your own space and freedom with a short-term rental.

If you are in Lagos for a few weeks with your family, being locked up in a hotel room might be a nightmare. Renting a large short-term property for you and your family will provide you with ample space to stretch out and enjoy your time with them. It also allows you to lock yourself away in your room if you need to be alone.

Minimal Studio Lekki Apartment

Revive Your Wanderlust By Working From Home Like A Boss - Work From Home Ideas 1

Working From Home Like a Boss: Best Short Let Flats in Nigeria are Listed With Us

Whether you’re moving with your family or alone, for a vacation or a temporary job assignment, a short let in Lagos will assist you in re-creating your Home. It’s a breeze to put together.

The pandemic caused us a great deal of suffering, giving us a new perspective. We no longer need to work eight to ten hours a day, five days a week, in an office. Workers are gaining power due to a tight labor market, and they can demand more flexible options. People can now live their best lives by working wherever they want when they want. But, we hope these work from home ideas can help you.

Do you want to spruce up your office space based on these work from home ideas? Learn more about how to plan the perfect staycation ever, or subscribe to our email to ensure you don’t miss any of our best advice and bargains.