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Nigerian Dishes Are Wonderful And Fascinating But They Might Become Monotonous And Make You Homesick
February 17, 2022
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The World in Your Kitchen: Nigerian Dishes That Will Blow Your Taste Buds

Published on February 17, 2022 by support

Nigerian dishes are wonderful and fascinating, but they might become monotonous and make you homesick. When Nigerians live overseas, they miss particular meals the most. These foods aren’t particularly our favorite Nigerian dishes, but they remind us of home and the wonderful memories we have there.

Must-Try Nigerian Dishes

Here are some of the cuisines that Nigerians miss the most when they travel abroad:

1. Ewa Agoyin is a Nigerian dish consisting solely of beans and a scorched pepper sauce. People claim to make this at home, but is this true? Only Nigerian streetfood vendors can get the sauce to the point where it’s still appetizing after being scorched.

2. Asun. Traditional Nigerian dish consisting of goat meat fried in a pepper sauce. If you want to be elegant, you can serve it as an appetizer or hors d’oeuvre or even as a side dish with rice. When Nigerians in other countries yearn for asun, they recall family gatherings or festivities back home.

3. Abacha. Also known as African salad, it is a famous Nigerian street snack marketed in eastern Nigeria. It is not a dinner you’ll find on the streets of Canada or London.

4. Pap and Akara. When you wake up to the lovely aroma of Akara with freshly cooked pap, you know it’s Saturday morning. Fried ground beans and boiled ground corn or millet make this wonderful Nigerian dish.

5. Gala. Is it the world’s best sausage roll? Probably not, but this sausage roll brand is recognized all over the country as the go-to snack for when you’re stopped in traffic or need a fast bite, and it’s usually best served with a bottle of Coke or Lacasera. Gala is an essential part of any Nigerian meal.

6. Groundnut and Garri. Nothing beats a bowl of garri and groundnuts with a glass of cold water. You can add additional milk for that extra kick if you want to be fancy or a little controversial. Only a true Nigerian may grasp this Nigerian food combination’s sense of fulfillment.

7. Indomie. Indomie noodles have become so well-known in Nigeria that other noodle brands have adopted the Indomie moniker. Every Nigerian has its method of preparing noodle dishes. Even though various brands of noodles exist in other countries, Indomie has a distinct flavor and is now recognized as a Nigerian dish.

8. Plantain

Plantains come in various species, but the Nigerian kind is unique. Whether fried, boiled, or roasted, plantain is a Nigerian dish that most Nigerians living abroad miss.

9. Suya 

Suya has been referred to as barbecued meat, kebab, and various other terms. Regardless of what you’ve seen on TikTok, if it’s not wrapped in newspaper and dipped in that specific pepper, it’s not suya, our favorite Nigerian delicacy.

10. Agege Pancakes. Agege bread will never be missing in any list of Nigerian foods. Sure, you can obtain finer bread in other countries, such as brioche, but will it ever be as good as Agege bread? Certainly not!

Traditional Nigerian Dishes with a World Twist

Get those pots and pans out of the cupboard and start cooking! Don’t allow the curfew to keep you from obtaining a taste of adventure. Whether you enjoy experimenting with flavors or simply spending quality time with loved ones, now is the time to take a step forward and give traditional meals a global twist!

North: Rice is Life

The ultimate authentic dish of Nigerian cuisine, Jollof rice, must be included in any list of Nigerian cuisines. There are countless ways to alter this traditional dish. We locate one of the best recipes from a rich, interesting, and lively culture as we travel up the west coast to Spain. Paella is possibly the most well-known Spanish meal, and rice is its key ingredient! Maintaining the authenticity of the Jollof recipe, combine it with the paella’s origins in Spain. Paella Valenciana (rabbit and chicken paella) and seafood paella are two forms of authentic paella from the Valencian region. The rice is colored with saffron, and the foundation should be permitted to crisp into a delicious black crust known as socarrat.

West: Soup Up!

Because of the country’s substantial Cuban population, Florida’s black bean soup is considered a classic, similar to the famous pepper soup. As a result, Cuban cuisine is widely available throughout the state. Black beans have long been a favorite of vegetarians and vegans since they provide a delicious and filling source of protein that can be altered to include meat if desired. Add additional traditional spices and pepper flakes to boost the strong aroma and make it even more appealing to your taste buds. This recipe is enhanced by adding lemon for a distinct coastal flavor.

Meet me in the kitchen, South.

Potjiekos, a popular South African dish, is close to Nigerian stew and rice recipes. Africa is a rice-loving continent. And as we previously stated, “rice is life,” and Africa is one of the countries that supports this assertion. In a huge black stewpot, a mixture of veggies and meat simmers with exquisite spices and flavors (locally known as a potjie). Numerous recipes are available, ranging from a simple tomato sauce to shellfish or lamb. This meal, like Nigerian stews, is ideally served with rice to balance out the flavors and create an enjoyable experience.

East: Add some spice to your life.

Macher jhol, a delectable fish dish from West Bengal, is a staple in Bengali households. Despite its nutritional value and mouthwatering flavors, this fish curry is surprisingly simple to make at home. Choose your favorite fish, marinate it in turmeric, deep-fry it till golden brown, and then boil it in a rich gravy of onion seeds, cinnamon, cloves, and any additional flavors your heart desires. It has the same spices as traditional Nigerian recipes like Efo Riros fish stew. Bananas also appear to be a popular side dish with curries so that Nigerians can have their favorite deep-fried plantain slices, known as a dodo. It’s best served with rice that’s been cooked.

What Nigerian dish do you miss the most when you’re abroad? Do you enjoy experimenting with different flavors from around the world? Let us know what your favorite recipe to try and what culture it comes from in the comments area.

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