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October 26, 2021

Latest In-Room Technology Trends That Never Fail to Impress Guests of Short let Apartments in Lagos, Nigeria

Published on October 26, 2021 by admin

Hey! We got a long list of the latest in-room technology trends if you’ve ever wished for your short let apartment in Lagos, Nigeria, to be on par with those featured in PlistBooking.com’s compilation of Lagos’s top short let property.

In-room hospitality technology trends like the ones listed here can help you save money, attract more guests, and give them more of what they want to keep them coming back. As you plan your short let apartment strategy for the year ahead, think about adding the latest technologies into your experience.

Hospitality Technology

Hospitality Finds: 10 Short let Apartment Latest In-Room Technology Trends in Lagos, Nigeria.

  1. Apps for Room Service. Bye-bye extensive menus and annoying phone calls, and welcome to ordering room service the same way you get all of your other delivery food. Web-based room service apps are now available for computers and mobile devices. Guests can either enter the website address or scan a QR code on their nightstand to make the process easier. Now, look over the most recent menu, press a few buttons, and wait for their order to arrive.
  2. Wine-On-Demand. The good news, some short let apartments in Lagos, Nigeria have them too. Recently, luxury hotel companies have installed wine units with native, award-winning pours from an automated dispenser evocative of water and ice machines on intelligent fridges. Because most tourists prefer to drink from a single glass rather than a bottle, the dispenser allows them to choose how much they want. It’s a terrific approach to make guests feel more at ease and encourage them to spend more time in their rooms than just sleeping.
  3. Social Media Messages. Provide Personalized Experiences. Direct messaging is a proven-and-true marketing tactic. Guests may now communicate with their apartment’s service workers without having to download any additional apps or pick up the phone. Guests can complete automated surveys before their stay using popular platforms like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, answering questions that allow hotels to adapt to their wishes and give a more personalized service experience.
  4. Thermostats with HD Voice Control and Touch Screen. When built-in sensors identify that someone has been absent for an extended period, the device dims the lights, regulates the temperature, and saves energy. Plus, it’s nice not to have to get up in the middle of the night to set the temperature – cry out your request, and these intelligent tools will take care of it.
  5. TVs with interactive features. Now that you’ve had your guests signed up for the most popular streaming services, it’s time to upgrade your display monitors. Even the typical Airbnb guest has learned to demand nothing less than the best when it comes to in-room televisions. Look for features like Ultra HD, Wide Color Gamut, and HDR if you want to include newer TV models in your immediate short-let apartment amenities plan.

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6. Tablets for in-room use. Why force your guests to bring their laptops and iPads when they can use yours instead? It’s not only a terrific approach to reach an existing captive audience, but it also adds a wow factor to your in-room amenities list. Use resources like pre-installed apps and locked screen background graphics to promote events, re-booking offers, and tablet loyalty programs.

7. Greener Linens. Did you realize that washing a single queen-sized bed sheet uses a whopping 2,800 gallons of water? How do they manage to do it? These statistics have led to in-room hospitality technologies like the new polyester linens, engineered to look like cotton while still being hypoallergenic and water-saving. Because of advancements in polyester, a never-before-seen form of fabric that can be remelted and molded back into a fresh sheet has been invented, ensuring that guests will always have a brand new linen set.

8. Air Filtration System. Most people with allergies are concerned about pollen, pollution, and pets. Still, as our understanding (and appreciation of) air quality grows, improved air filter systems will become a modern in-room hospitality tech amenity that no one will be able to live without.

9. In-Room Fitness Center. In-room fitness is becoming as common as hotel workout facilities, whether with at-home gym equipment or on-demand workout movies. Wellness, in whatever form, should be a significant focus for accommodations like hotels and short let apartments interested in enhancing their in-room hospitality technologies, from technologically advanced equipment to pre-loaded mind/body morning routines.

10. Recommendations Based on Location. Although location-based services are beneficial at every stage of the guest experience, offering in-room resources for local events, entertainment, sightseeing, and dining is one approach to empower consumers who visit a city for the first or hundredth time. Things like mobile messages with local discounts and prediction service options like a call from housekeeping after a guest returns from a long day at work go a long way toward giving your customers a fantastic experience. Apart from assisting customers in choosing their breakfast area each morning, features such as 3D location can also assist hotel managers in keeping their personnel sane.

The Most Recent Trends In Hospitality Marketing

It’s critical to stay up with the current hotel marketing trends and comprehend the latest hospitality technology trends. Many of these trends are driven by evolving technology, such as the advent of AI chatbots, while others, such as the increase of influencer marketing, are more general.

Take Your In-Room Short-let Apartment Strategy To The Next Level And Book More Business!

Say you work in the hospitality industry; you’ll need to stay on top of the newest technology developments, hotel periodicals, and buyer’s guides. Nowadays, there are so many excellent hospitality technology magazines that it can be challenging to navigate through them all. This list will assist you in narrowing down your choices.

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