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5 Amazing Facts About Shortlet Apartments In Lagos Nigeria
September 29, 2020
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5 Amazing Facts about Shortlet Apartments in Lagos Nigeria

Published on September 29, 2020 by admin

If you are looking for a property in Nigeria which can be let from a few weeks to few months, there are wide-selection of shortlet apartments in Lagos Nigeria. From studio apartments to bungalows to ten-bedroom duplexes, name it, we have it.

There are two types of people who visit this page. Someone who wanted to rent an apartment in Lagos and someone who wanted to buy their dream apartment online. If you are reading this, you are likely to fall into one of the categories above. 

Shortlet Apartments In Lagos Nigeria

Shortlet Apartments in Lagos Nigeria

Property List Hub Booking is here to introduce short-lets to Nigeria. Not because it is not popular, doesn’t mean it is not worth living at. Shortlets are the ultimate life-saver because bills are usually included in the rent. Below are a few reasons why short-lets thrive around not only in Nigeria but across the globe. 

  1. Short-Term Rentals.  Let us put it this way, ask yourself what benefit do you gain from an empty flat without occupants. So why not make money from it? You are privileged to make something from your apartment in Lagos by adding almost nothing to it. No one dares to refuse from extra income. On the other hand, tenants are more likely to rent an apartment in Lagos than to spend their hard-earned money on a plain hotel with a kettle and tea bug as means of catering. Indeed, it cost less compared to hotels. 
  2. Mutual Benefits.  While homeowners prepare shortlet apartment in Lagos for their tenant’s arrival, they are relieved that they have someone to keep an eye on their apartment when they are not around. 
  3. No Expectations. Basically, when you are the homeowner, your apartment will be rented out almost exactly as it is. You can freely add sofa beds without minding how future tenants would react since they will not be expecting it to be as good as a hotel. 
  4. Flexible Business Travel. Gone are the days when people only travel for leisure. Employees today have become accustomed to flexible business travel with International companies to share skills and experience across the globe with. People who travel for leisure in Lagos wanted to immerse themselves in the culture of Nigerian to the extent that they wanted to discover the most visited places. Meanwhile, when travelling for business, they are only after some space and some home facilities to cater their needs. While everybody wants the home feel, use it to your advantage. 
  5. Alternative to Hotel Accommodation. The concept of letting travelers rent your spare rooms appears friendly and hospitable. It appeals to many as a cheaper alternative to hotel accommodation. The same goes with mini flats for rent in Lagos, it is a good way to welcome travelers. 

Property List Hub Booking is a property listing hub in Nigeria who offers short-term lets and assures to make the process as simple as possible while taking care of the whole booking and payment with just a few clicks. While you are not comfortable to sleep inside a room full of strangers, you can also benefit from high-end shortlet apartments in Lagos Nigeria with attentive service you would expect from a high-paying hotel. Surely, you may never want to go home.

Where to Get Shortlet Apartments in Lagos Nigeria?

Whether you are planning a city break in Lagos, relocating in Lagos, or working here in the short term, Property List Hub Booking is more than willing to extend assistance. Now, are you ready to view shortlet apartments in Lagos Nigeria?

Wait no more, visit Property List Hub Booking at Plistbooking.com. It is the leading Nigerian online property listing platform which aims to connect seekers of residential and mini-flats for sale or rental across Nigeria. Start searching now and you will find what you are looking for in no time.