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February 2, 2022

Nigerian Wedding 2022: 10 Hot and Simple Steps to Organizing a Wedding in Lagos, Nigeria

Published on February 2, 2022 by support

Nigerian wedding planning? We bring you the best event centers in Lagos that can accommodate over 500 guests. Note that this capacity is based on prior COVID party seating arrangements. With COVID guidelines currently in place in the State of Lagos (exactly at the time of writing), occupancy is 50% of the original venue’s capacity, with the maximum number of guests allowed at any given event of 500 guests regardless of size. 

Nigerian Wedding? How to Wedding Reception Venues in Lagos?

 Lagos State is a place to party, and we have several options for partying. There are different types of event centers with unique services. All of which are perfect to be your wedding reception venues in Lagos. Let us highlight possible options you can find in Lagos State. 

 Before proceeding, it’s important to note that different facilities offer different amenities, so it’s a good idea to confirm space-related amenities. 

  1.  Marquee or Tent: 
  2. Open space 
  3. Garden 
  4.  Structured building 
  5. Hotels

Marquee or Tent: This is a more flexible event space. It offers great flexibility for your event’s decoration, placement, and lighting. You can create a single celebration and even divide it among different aspects of your wedding (if you want to use the same venue for the traditional wedding and reception). Pubs are usually larger and can accommodate a larger number of guests. An average store can hold between 700 and 1000 customers, although smaller and larger stores. 

Open space or fields: This was a popular choice in the past, but it’s not as popular anymore. An open space is like a blank sheet of paper, allowing you to create your desired EXACT event design. The possibilities with open space are endless. You bring everything you need and create magic!! 

 Garden: If you like nature or green landscape, the garden-style space will be very suitable for your event. It offers endless possibilities and would be perfect if your event occurs in the evening or starts at dusk. It is important to check the weather forecast to ensure the weather conditions are right. 

 Structured building: This is usually a building designed for events. It is usually made of brick and mortar and is not portable. They can be adapted to different types of events. Depending on the original design of the building, some are more flexible than others. Often buildings have pillars that are used as building supports, which can affect the style and design of your event. 

 Hotels with Event Venue: This is a popular choice in Lagos State, especially when you want to host an intimate event or wedding reception. Depending on the number of stars of the hotel, the hotel’s atmosphere can be amazing and serve as a good base for styling your event. Most hotels do not allow outside food and drink for events, so this is something to consider if you want to use the hotel for your wedding. Also, discuss cork payments if you want to use outside food service. 

Not sure which event space would be perfect for your event? Send us your event file, and we’ll get back to you.

Man And Woman Dancing Inside The Room

How to Plan Your Wedding Right?

You’re ecstatic because the BEST day of your life is about to begin. However, you are considering being a DIY bride for various reasons, including family, indecision, and, most importantly, a restricted budget. You’re unsure if you’ll be able to organize your wedding smoothly. Even though it is a lot of work, you can do everything, look amazing, and enjoy your wedding ceremony.

It can be difficult to keep up with making countless decisions, follow up, scheduling, attending meetings, multitasking, and dealing with changes from family if you don’t take a long break to organize your wedding. However, you can pull it off with the appropriate mental attitude and amazing friends.

Let’s get started.

  1. Purchase a wedding folder. This is going to be your wedding planning journal. It will include every detail regarding your wedding and will assist you in keeping your wedding plans organized.
  2. Write down your wedding vision Many Nigerian parents will say, “It’s our wedding, but your marriage,” but with so many differing opinions on how your wedding day should go, you’ll need to know ahead of time what type of wedding you want so you can stand firm on what matters most to you and aid in your negotiation.
  3. Determine Your Money: One of the most crucial wedding considerations is your budget. This aids you in establishing limits and boundaries and determine the style and even suppliers you hire. It would help if you inquired about the budget of any family or friends who will be funding the wedding. Learn how to have this discussion with your family.
  4.  Set Your Wedding Date: Knowing how much time you have to arrange your wedding is quite helpful. You can start creating timelines for what has to be done at specific periods. To book any vendor, you’ll need your wedding date. You can’t have a wedding without vendors, so make a list of everything you’ll need for the event and start getting quotes.
  5. List everything you need for your event and start getting a quote: You can’t have a wedding without a vendor. Start with a list of the suppliers you will need and contact the people you have identified for a quote. 
  6.  Limit your options: There are tons of wedding inspirations out there. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many options because it makes you indecisive and increases your anxiety. 
  7. Careful: you need to check before ordering a provider. Social media photos and a large following don’t always mean good service. Be sure to attend their events, or talk to brides who have hired their services, get reviews to verify that service and style are what you want at your event.
  8. Start booking early: After deciding which provider to use, book early. If you book your provider early, you will often get a significant discount (who doesn’t want to save?) 
  9. Prepare a comprehensive wedding checklist: It’s very important to have a wedding checklist because you don’t want to put things off until the end and forget nothing. You can already get our wedding planner with a comprehensive wedding checklist. 
  10. Enjoy the planning process with your fiancé, friends, and family. As a DIY bride, you need all the help you can get, and wedding planning should be fun. Don’t forget to have fun and deepen your bond with your fiancée.

Plistbooking.com: Your Partner in Wedding Reception Venues in Lagos and Any Type of Event

If it wasn’t evident already, you’re just as likely to find wedding inspiration on social media as you are in a bridal magazine. We’ll agree that there’s something magical about poring over the spreads of a big, glossy bridal magazine, but it isn’t easy to keep track of what catches your attention.

Let’s face it: unless you’re eloping, you’ll be short on one-on-one time on your wedding day. A private final dance is a beautiful way to block out time for a memorable moment between you and your new husband. After the party is over and your guests are preparing to send you farewell, you can sneak away to the cleared-out reception hall for one last quiet moment before the big day ends.
If quiet and private don’t fit your wedding’s tone, you may go the other way and make the last dance of the night particularly special by handing your guests sparklers or confetti to set off as the dance begins.

Timing is everything right? This is specifically true while making plans for a wedding.

Exactly when are you supposed to begin making plans for your wedding? What order should it follow? When have you booked your event halls? When exactly is the right time to discover a venue? Now is the time to find your Wedding Reception Venues in Lagos!

  • Note: Invoice amount will be displayed in NGN currency but can be paid with Credit Cards in other currencies.