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July 21, 2021

Lagos Spotlight: The Enthralling Language Spoken in Lagos, Nigeria

Published on July 21, 2021 by admin

Did you know any language in Nigeria? Is there an official Lagos language? 

Lagos is a continuously emerging megacity where dreams come true every day. It is the center of excellence where the brightest and best in the country converge to create unusual solutions to ever-evolving challenges associated with a diverse and audacious population. Many tourists and travelers who’ve lived in the city describe it as vibrant, colorful, a place where you can have a tremendous amount of fun. But before you get ready, pack your things, and book a flight to Lagos, you should consider some valuable terms before wandering in the city of Lagos. In that way, you can avoid accidents and other misfortunes commonly experienced by other travelers.

Language in Nigeria: The LAGOS LANGUAGE

The official LAGOS LANGUAGE is English, but LANGUAGE SPOKEN IN LAGOS is Pidgin English or Nigeria’s broken English. It’s not uncommon to see Nigerians communicate with their tribes’ men and women in their local LAGOS LANGUAGE like Yoruba speaking in Yoruba and Igbo communicating in Igbo. Same as the Hausas as well as other minority tribes.

Common LANGUAGE SPOKEN IN LAGOS’ streets is pidgin English/Naija English. You don’t need to be literate in the English language to know it. It comes naturally after some time in Lagos. It cuts across tongues and tribes and has its uniqueness.

However, some people may speak their local dialects or speak proper English or Pidgin English at home. So many times, you wonder at the alacrity at which refined gentlemen and ladies communicate. They switch from the conventional English Language to the Pidgin language when they perceive a threat. And also if they want to belong or feel like they are about to be cheated. To avoid being cheated, Pidgin LAGOS LANGUAGE is the thing to consider.

Language In Nigeria

Useful Terms in Lagos

LAGOS LANGUAGE is relatively easy to understand. There is a saying that says that if you are in Rome, do like the Romans. So, if you are a tourist visiting the City of Lagos for the first time, you should study their way of life and the languages they spoke. So here are some useful terms before wandering in the city of Lagos.

  • “Ajebutter”

Ajebutter, ajebo, ‘bota’ or ‘botti,’ refers to one born with a silver spoon. It can be loosely translated to mean rich person. So don’t act like a spoiled kid when wandering the City of Lagos.

  • “Ajepako”

Ajepako is a hustler or someone who rose from the street. In simpler terms, be an “Ajepako” so that you won’t be lost.

  • “Owambe”

Party! Party! Party! If you don’t mind the noise, you’re going to love this one. Lagosians love to party. And you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the party.

  • “Traffic robbers”

Just in case you’ll be driving, expect these people wherever and whenever there is traffic. It is an inevitable law. It would be the if you were mindful about your belongings because they target travelers.

  • “Hawkers”

They call them talented because they genuinely are. Lagos hawkers can outrun Usain Bolt to sell their products. They even risk their lives to sell their wares. Expect to have a range of foodstuffs, vegetables, household items to fruits, and more whenever you are stuck in traffic.

  • “Zobo”

Zobo is a popular drink made from the dried Roselle plant. It is trendy in Nigeria. Zobo is a medicinal tea to cure minor cough, upset stomach, poor appetite, and manage blood pressure.

  • “Suya”

Suya or the roasted chili beef or spicy grilled kebab is a street food you must try in Lagos. Usually sold in the open and the sun would be heavy during the day considering Nigeria’s weather. And most people are busy in the morning, so it’s a demand thingy. The Suya sellers also do all the preparations during the day. Consider buying it for some and partner with beer.

Language in Nigeria: Property List Hub Booking Makes your Lagos Trip an Enjoyable Experience

Visiting the City of Lagos is a giant ball game. It is both exciting and eye-opening. The city offers you a whole number of activities that can boost your morale or stress you out–it depends on how open and robust you are to face day-to-day life in this city. We can make your stay comfortable yet exciting.

Contact us today, and we will make your dream travel a reality.

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