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Staycation? Book Air-Conditioned Hotels Around Nigeria

December 10, 2020 by admin

When booking a hotel, what do you commonly look for? Basically, most travelers love to book air-conditioned hotels. While you decided to go on a trip, it is unlikely to reserve a place that will stress you out. Ergo, hotel’s amenities are those little extras that make your stay much more enjoyable. You have to put in mind that when you book a hotel, it is not just about finding a place to rest or sleep. Instead, it is providing yourself with a getaway, complete features that will make your entire stay a pleasant and memorable experience. Another thing, nobody wants to wander around a strange city looking for something to eat early in the morning. Bringing most of them to book breakfast included hotel, or book hotel with kitchen. Needless to say, booking a hotel with essentials is really a lifesaver. Now, if you are not that keen on finding a place yourself, you should probably check if your hotel has a place where you can enjoy the most important meal of the day. It is always nice to unwind after a long night city walk. If you are a type of person who enjoys sitting on the counter, pouring a half full glass of wine– you should ensure that you book a hotel with a bar/restaurant. 

Just because you are on a trip does not mean you should take a break from your fitness routine. Property List Booking Hub wants you to stay fit and healthy, making it possible to book a hotel with gym. Whenever you are planning to drive your own car or a rental one, then booking a hotel with free parking on premises is a serious consideration. You should not panic, a lot of hotels are offering free parking in return for staying in their accommodations. However, there are some hotels that require guests to pay nightly rate or valet services. Whatever the booked hotel provides, always make sure that you have full access to your car all day. Another thing to look forward to when booking a hotel is having someone to open the door for you. Imagine carrying a bag of clothes for one to three days. It is such a relief to book a hotel with a doorman  than to wait  for your husband to put down whatever-he-is-carrying before finally opening the door. 

On the other hand, booking a hotel with an elevator in a building is another good point. Yes, climbing the stairs is healthy until your room is on the seventh floor and above. While you cannot bring your whole closet as you go on a trip, consider booking a hotel with a dryer. Another lifesaver amenity. Now if this is a family trip that we are talking about, not booking a family-friendly and kid-friendly hotel is totally insane. Probably you will love to bring your pets with you. Leaving you no option but to book  pets- allowed hotel.   For practicality and business purposes, book hotels with fax, phone (booth/lines), and internet.  Surely, you’ll hate using mobile data or loading your pocket WiFi just to send a single email or making a quick call. 

Meanwhile you cannot just leave your kids inside the room while they are having pillow fights. It is not a good idea, swear. Book a hotel with a pool, instead. Amid pandemic, staying healthy is mandatory so book a non-smoking room.  Now if you reserve accommodations around the wet season, book a hotel with an indoor fireplace and hot tub.