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Perhaps you want a change of scenery, or you are temporarily relocating for business purposes, whichever reason you may have, a short rent house should be number one on your list. With short lets, you are looking at fully-furnished units with all the essentials provided. You won’t need to bring a ton of furniture with you, which means you can quickly move in and out. Also, it is generally cheaper than hotel accommodation. The next time you are going on a trip to the West African area, short let renting in Nigeria may be the wisest choice.

short let property

Short Let Renting in Nigeria

What is a short-term let?

Short-term let’s have been increasingly popular over the years. A short let property is defined as a rental that may range from a night to a few weeks, basically less than six months. Often, properties are rented out monthly, which may or may not be renewed at the end of the term. Short lets offer flexibility when it comes to extending tenancy daily or weekly at the landlord’s discretion. If the flexibility of your stay is your primary concern, short-term lets are ideal for you. Any kind of property can be short let — from full residential apartments to 5-bedroom duplexes. Additionally, utility bills are usually already included in rental payments, so tenants won’t need to worry about paying bills.

Why choose a short let property over hotels?

If you are a frequent traveler, you’ve probably heard of short lets. They are mainly for persons in need of a temporary place to stay. Short lets are currently dominating the market because of the convenience and advantages they offer. Whatever reason you are going away from home, there are several benefits of renting a short let property rather than staying in a hotel, be it for personal or professional matters. Of course, they are not for everyone, but short let booking is the perfect solution for certain persons. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Short lets save money.

Admit it. Daily rates in hotels are expensive, especially if you are going to need more than one bedroom. A short rent house is definitely cheaper. Most of the time, you can rent out an entire house for half the price of your stay in a hotel! By renting short term, you can save extra money which you can use for other activities. Short lets guarantee a comfortable stay for an affordable price.

  • Short lets make you feel at home.

Yes, hotels can look great in photos, but do they give you the “at home” vibe? Staying in a private home rental gives you a cozy feeling like you never even left home. You can cook your own meals and take a leisurely stroll whenever you feel like it.

  • Short lets make you feel like a local.

Short let renting in Nigeria lets you live like a local. You get to see the whole community through a local’s point of view in a way that you would get a sense of what it feels like to really live there. Living like a local offers more exploration. You can venture into the residential neighborhood you are staying at and probably interact with the people who live there. Hotels, on the other hand, provide a monotonous experience with the hotel staff to make you feel comfortable. You won’t be seeing much of the local landscape.

  • Short lets offer more space.

Imagine going on a holiday with your family. Would you be booking only one room in a hotel? Holiday lets should be your top priority. They offer more space than a regular hotel, which is ideal for persons who are fond of traveling together. Also, you will have your own kitchen, living area, and possibly a parking area.

  • Short lets value privacy.

There are times when you want to be alone, and you want your own space. Short-term rentals offer that much-needed privacy. With hotels, all you are getting is your own chunk of space in a room, but you will probably have more access to more private areas if you rent out a duplex. If you are not usually in a social mood, you should stick to short lets.

short let renting in nigeria

Shortlet Booking

Do you have a business trip? Family vacation? Or just want to spend time alone? Find an ideal place to stay! Book a short let property, a short rent house, or holiday lets! Explore our wide selection of apartments that will best suit your preference. Short Let Renting in Nigeria is made easy by property List Hub.

Event Center Booking

Do you have an upcoming event but no place to celebrate it yet? Short let renting in Nigeria may be the best idea. Get rid of your worries! Take time to look at the 5-star conference rooms, event halls, and meeting rooms that we have to offer! Make a reservation with us and make your event a memorable one.

short let booking

Short Let Renting in Nigeria: Book A Place To Stay

Short let booking? With a few scrolls and clicks, you can easily find a short let property on Property List Hub Booking. You can find highly-secured, fully-furnished properties located near the local tourist destinations. Some short let properties offer amenities like a gym, swimming pool, and a bar. If you are looking for a place to stay in Africa, short let renting in Nigeria is your best bet. At Property List Hub Booking, you can find Nigeria’s best short lets and event centers. Book now!

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