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Simple Ways To Boost Your Vacation Rental 039 S Facebook Engagement
November 26, 2021
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Simple Ways to Boost Your Vacation Rental’s Facebook Engagement

Published on November 26, 2021 by admin

Interacting through social media is a great way to boost your vacation rentals business. To attract potential guests, owners should innovate their marketing strategies. With billions of people using Facebook to look for vacation deals, Facebook is a leading social media platform that all vacation rentals businesses should appraise. Hence, it would be helpful to assess a few tips on posting your vacation rentals on Facebook to get more engagement.

How to Make Vacation Rentals Facebook Page?

If you have a personal Facebook account, you probably know the basics of this site. Many services now use “Facebook Pages” instead of creating their website. A page will allow you to post information about your business. After creating a page, you can then invite people to like, share, and be updated. Anyone who likes the page can ask questions, do reviews, and more. Nevertheless, beware that personal Facebook pages alone are prohibited from use for business purposes as it’s against “Facebook Terms of Service.”

  1. On your account, you will see the toolbar. Click the “drop-down arrow,” then select “Create Page.”
  2. Choose “Business or Brand” as your page category.
  3. Enter your “Page Name” and “Category,” then click “Continue.”
  4. Upload your best “Profile Picture” and “Cover Photo.”
  5. Your Facebook page is set up. You can now customize your page, create posts, invite people, and more.

Add high-quality pictures  

Choose attractive and engaging photos to share. Your audience will be delighted to see fascinating views and beautiful faces. It is also captivating to show some personality. Nothing beats genuine smiles and silly selfies. The post itself will build trust in your audience.

Promote the experience rather than the business

Effective marketing strategy makes people remember your name. Ideally, you should capture the prospective audience’s attention and entice them to visit your place. Also, promoting guest experience is key to providing other guests with more opportunities to take advantage of.

Use “Hashtags” and “Location Tagging”

How would you reach an audience who has no idea you even exist? The best answer is to use hashtags and location tags. Whenever you post, include your city or town as the location so that people searching that area can browse your profile or page. Also, link your property directly to your profile and in your post. Even if they don’t make a booking right away, they might remember your page one day. You may also encourage your guest to tag you with their vacation experience. Let them know that you appreciate the tags and mentions from their posts.

Promote special offers, discounts, and giveaways

Do you want to extend your reach on Facebook? Promotions are always eye-catching. Discounts and special offers are beneficial marketing strategies. You can give your followers what they want to see and hear that will attract them. You may consider giving away a free night’s stay or gift cards to enhance the attractiveness of your vacation rentals business.

Little Tip: As a bonus, try using a clear “call-to-action” such as “like,” “comment,” “share,” or “click the link below to book with us.” It will generate more feedback and engagement. Give it a shot and see how it works! We hope it all adds up to more bookings for your service.

Facebook Marketplace

Another great strategy to advertise your vacation rentals on Facebook and increase your chances of being seen by potential guests is to use Facebook Marketplace. Users can buy, sell, and trade things in their local area using Facebook Marketplace. Users, in this case, potential guests, can look for vacation homes, browse properties by category and area, and contact property managers for further information.

After you’ve created your Facebook company page, you’ll need to organize your postings and think about how to get the most marketing value out of it. This article will provide you with some Facebook post ideas for your vacation rentals property.

Vacation Rentals

How to Post Ideas for Your Vacation Rentals’ Facebook Page?

  1. Spread the word about upcoming local events. Give your visitors a cause to visit your page. One way to do so is to offer local updates about forthcoming events such as music performances, sporting activities, and festivals. You can also give information about the cities in your listings and occasionally discuss their must-see attractions and notable features. Consider mentioning a city’s famed museum, or amusement park or even informing about its hidden jewels and preserved areas in your Facebook postings.
  1. Collaborate with local businesses. Facebook is a great place to communicate with local companies, which may help you promote your vacation home and enhance your visibility by interacting with their audience. Stay active by liking, mentioning, and tagging local businesses’ Facebook pages, such as restaurants and cafes. To improve your internet visibility, increase your involvement by sharing your posts and posting comments. They will reciprocate, and you will be able to form a good virtual community with locals, as well as develop your relationships and build a network for future partnerships.
  2. Make competitions and give away prizes. Do you want to expand your reach and build your business on Facebook? As a result, hold some contests and urge your audience to tag a few friends, leave a remark with their favorite memory of staying with you, or tell you about what they plan to do when they come. To increase the appeal of your property and encourage the winner to book with you, consider giving away a modest reward, such as a free night’s stay, a gift card to a local restaurant, or tickets to upcoming events.
  3. Post questions and conduct surveys. Inquiring about your followers’ opinions not only demonstrates that you are interested in and value their opinions, but also provides you with new ideas and insights.
  4. Provide regular updates on your property. Make all of your rentals updates available for posting on your page. As a result, your web presence will grow, and your property will receive more attention. Purchasing new games for the entertainment area, installing a security system, and enlarging the parking and garden space are all worthwhile topics to discuss on Facebook.
  5. Share Your Vacation Rentals Reviews. Share what your prior guests have said about you and how they enjoyed their stay, concentrating on your property’s unique features. You can encourage each guest to write about a specific benefit of your hotel and then welcome others to remark on their comparable experiences to generate a variety of multiple postings.

General Facebook Posting Advice for Vacation Rentals

Consider the following suggestions to create engaging updates and make your rentals Facebook page appealing:

-Every post should include a photograph.
-Write short captions and descriptions.
-Add short films of your property to your page to make it more interesting.
-Include a call-to-action, such as “share this post” or “click the link to book with us.”
-Please respond to all comments.
-Sometimes you should show yourself and discuss your life.

Do you have a page for your rentals on Facebook? What has been your experience with getting the most out of your company’s Facebook page? Would you mind posting them in the comments section?