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Beaches Beaches In Lagos Beach
January 12, 2023
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Dive and Dine: 9 Popular Beaches in Lagos, Nigeria – Join the Party!

Published on January 12, 2023 by support

From parks to libraries to beautiful beaches, it’s easy to enjoy Lagos’ exciting scenery without harming your wallet.

The people of Lagos love beaches. Every weekend when they’re not partying or shopping in the malls, they’re probably at one of the city’s private or public beaches. And as the local hotel sector sees record investment, more and more private beaches, beach clubs, and resorts are opening up in Lagos. 

Lagos beaches are usually extensions of resorts, so you can book a room and enjoy waves all day long. They offer a refreshing range of leisure and leisure activities that appeal to fun-loving city dwellers and the diverse tourist community. So if you want to kite surf, play beach soccer, or party all night, the beach is for you. Lagos Island and Lagos mainland have beaches in different corridors such as B. the corridors Badagry, Ibeju-Lekki, and Okun-Ajah. Free Man Wearing Sunglasses In Swimming Pool Stock Photo

And while there are many free beaches, some are within the boundaries of popular and more popular beaches. You can jump from track to track on the same track. Horseback riding is a common activity on nearby beaches. Loud music is a regular feature, especially on weekends. 

There are numerous bars, restaurants, and lounges; Decide ahead of time which beach — and pond — you want to spend time at. Whichever you choose, the entrance fee ranges from N1,000 to N4,000. So if you want to get wet and have fun in the “City of Water Splendor,” here are some of the best beaches in Lagos.

  1. Landmark Beach (Ideal for Beach Clubs)

Landmark Beach is a large beach divided into at least four zones. Tricycles near the door will take you to any part of the area you want to go out. Choose one of the beach clubs. Lagos Beach Club and Island Breeze have swimming pools, bars, and restaurants.

Elsewhere in the vast sand, people laze on the shore or relax in cabanas of varying sizes. If you are looking for something more active, there are soccer, basketball, and volleyball courts and an amusement park and playground for children. At Vitality Sports & Recreation area, the possibility of playing golf on two mini-courses.

  1. Tarkwa Bay (Best Beach for Surfers)

One of Lagos’ most popular and picturesque beaches, Tarkwa Bay, is where budding surfers pick up a few skills and experienced surfers keep coming back come back again can be reached by boat from the Five Cowries Terminal in Falomo (journey time is approximately 20 minutes) or from several other private jetties on Lagos Island. People In The Beach,

It is one of the few Lagos beaches where the Local community is involved in day-to-day management, both as vendors and in keeping the sands litter-free. It has recently gained a new reputation as a campsite. Gaze towards the city for breathtaking views, including the famous Eko Atlantic Towers.

  1. La Campagne Tropicana (Beautiful beach in the luxury resort) 

Campagne is the place to be if you want to lose yourself on a beach fringed with coconut palms and lagoons surrounded by forests of mangroves. From the palm-lined wine bar and fire pit to marquees and thatched pavilions, everything here revolves around the authentic African experience. Once inside, you’ll be treated to various free land activities, including ball sports and board games. , on the other hand, all water sports (canoeing, jet skiing) are chargeable and take place in the lagoon.

  1. Barracuda Beach (The best beach for families)

On Saturday from 10 am, Barracuda is already full of happy people. Its “zona Franca” — an alfresco seating area beneath a long line of coconut palms — is popular with families who spend the money they save on other treats. The freebies don’t stop there: visitors can play for free (beach soccer, handball) and participate in activities like tug of war and sack race. Barracuda is one of the few beaches in the Okun Ajah Corridor, where most coconut plantations remain intact. You walk through a canopy of coconut trees to the beach, which is a very relaxing welcome.

  1. Oniru Beach(The best beach for beginners)

This beach is located in the lands of Iru, one of the oldest indigenous kingdoms in Lagos. Just watching people get on and drive (N2000 is the standard fare for a beach trip) can be fun for the first time, with the help and guidance of the drivers. Only some people are interested in equestrian sports: Others ride roller coasters, play beach soccer, or dance to a playlist. The G12 Beachfront bar offers comfortable seating. The G12 Club opposite the bar is open on Wednesdays and Sundays from 11 pm until dawn.Free Green Coconut Palm Trees Stock Photo

  1. Honeyland Beach (The best beach for ecotourism)

Honeyland – off Eleko Beach Road – is one of Lagos’s newer and lesser-known beaches. Go here if you want to experience an authentically African place (in terms of look and feel) and an ecotourism hotspot. Visitors can choose between the main bar and the beach bar, where people can be seen in the canoes out at sea shrimp fishing. This African restaurant serves an array of delicacies – name it, and they will. There are no entry fees, but visitors pay to use the swimming pool.

  1. Golden Beach(The best beach to avoid crowds)

One of the smaller (and lesser known) beaches in Lagos, Golden Beach is the perfect destination for beach lovers who prefer less frequented spots, day and night. Its simple bamboo and straw bar doubles as a restaurant and overlooks the ocean. Wherever you sit, you won’t miss a brilliant collection of memorable, creative phrases attached to tree trunks, almost like signposts. All enhance the enjoyment and well-being of time spent at the beach: “A good day at the beach keeps the doctor away”; “Sandblasting, No Stress”; “Days at Sea, the Best of Days”; “Life is a wave: catch it.” Free Silhouette Of Person At The Beach During Sunset Stock Photo

  1. Elegushi Beach(The best beach for weekends)

The Elegushi Beach corridor is lined with lounges and bars that come to life for those who wake up looking for fun on weekends. Sit in front of the huts for a good view of the waves. From there, you can see the shore of the horses galloping back and forth. On other days people enjoy the breeze and the quiet, and small groups meet for prayer from time to time. Friday afternoon, before the arrival of the entertainers, the area in front of the central Elegushi Mosque (annex) is used as a place of prayer. 

  1. Kids Beach Garden (The best beach for kids)

Usually, adults are the main target at most beaches in Lagos, but kids are the stars of Kids Beach Garden. Here children play and learn about the environment and its impact on daily life. A typical day here combines tree-planting exercises and climate change discussion.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a fresh coconut on these pristine white sandy beaches. Book your accommodation now!

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