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Local Festivals And Events To Anticipate In The City Of Lagos
June 10, 2021
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Local Festivals and Events to Anticipate in The City of Lagos

Published on June 10, 2021 by admin

Festivals and events make your visit to a particular place memorable and worthwhile. It is full of fun festivities. It also says a lot about the area- a celebration that both the locals and tourists participate in. You see, there are a handful of festivals in Lagos. Dive into the vibrant life of Lagosians and enjoy the intangible expression of culture, especially during their local festivals and important events. 

If you want your vacation in Lagos to have a lasting imprint on your memory, then visit during their significant events. It contours local places and foods. Thus, it will give you an idea of what foods to taste and where to go. 

The City of Lagos is brimming with beautiful and undiscovered spots. They are also blessed with a variety of foods. Foods that countries. Lagos also is a city of happenings. It allows people to gather together. 

The global pandemic slowly wanes in effect. It leads to the resumption of events and festivals in Lagos. 

Festivals in Lagos and Events that you should be aware of:

1. Eat Drink Festival

It is a food festival held in Lagos. It is to showcase the cuisines and culinary entrepreneurs of the city. This festival started in 2015. It serves as a field for culinary experts to attract potential customers. During this festival, you will not spend money on food. This is one of the most exciting festivals in Lagos that you don’t want to miss.

2. Lagos Theatre Festival

This festival is considered the most extensive performing arts event held in Nigeria. In this festival, the theater artists are challenged to perform using out-there styles. They perform in unconventional places and give entertainment to people. The performers do not use the traditional theater stage.

3. Calabar Festival

It is a colorful street party held in Lagos, Nigeria. It is done to worship the goddess Oshun. Calabar Festival is a unique and extravagant festival that will surely leave you in a good mood. Participating in this fun fiesta will be a great experience for you.

4. Lagos Fashion Fair

If you are a fashion enthusiast, this event is perfect for you. Here you will see the new trends in clothes, shoes, and jewelry. You will love it if you want such fairs. Lagos fashion Fair is a good event that will entertain and interest lovers of fashion.

5. Caretta Carnival of Lagos

It is another colorful festival in Lagos. Experience a general excitement when you attend this particular carnival. The explosion of colors through the costumes of the street dancers reflects the rich cultural heritage of Lagos. Caretta Carnival happens during May.

6. Lagos International Jazz Festival

It is a celebration of iconic jazz music in Lagos. You can attend exhibitions and workshops that are all about jazz during this event. It is a four-day jazz festival packed with fun activities.

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Festivals In Lagos

Enjoy your Stay While Enjoying the Festivals in Lagos with Plistbooking

The events in Lagos attract many people. These festivals compel tourists from various countries to come to visit the city. Booking a place to stay beforehand will assure you that you will enjoy the fun in Nigeria. Plisthub booking offers a wide range of places you can choose from. We have private rooms, a hotel suite, and an apartment that you can book for a short stay. Thus, you will be able to make a reservation in Lagos, Nigeria, even in the comfort of your home. Experience the fabulous festivals of Lagos. Book now! If you enjoyed the Lagos festival 2021, this year would be more exciting.

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