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19 World Famous Event Planning Companies You Need To Know
August 4, 2021
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19 World-Famous Event Planning Companies You Need to Know

Published on August 4, 2021 by admin

Are you searching for the most famous event planning companies from around the globe? Get to learn from the best in business. Do not leave the page yet. You are about to discover world-famous event planning companies and brands. Year after year, these event planning organizers never fail to set the bar high. Their spectacular shows leave guests in awe. 

Check out this comprehensive list of famous event planning companies around the world:

Top 19. BlackRock

Where: New York, New York 

Black rock is known for organizing events that deal with the hottest news and other relevant trends for its target audience. The best part? Some events are hosted online. Meaning, event attendees can participate without harming their wallet. Digital events not only reach a broad audience. Instead, it is the best strategy to build and strengthen a particular brand, which most companies should replicate for their event marketing plans.

Top 18. IHG

Where: Atlanta, Georgia

If your boss is planning to host a corporate meeting, include IHG in your options. Not only it offers event planning services, but it also has multiple venue spaces. Through templated budget guidelines, events checklists, and event type-specific guides, they can provide unique experiences and personalized service for each of their guests. It is not surprising to mention that their facilities are always occupied every single day.

Top 17.  Visit Dallas

Where: Dallas, Texas

Parades, festivals, art shows, sporting events, marathons name every multi-sensory event; Visit Dallas can handle it. Choosing this event planning company means catching musicians orchestrating their instruments live.  Gardens plus cocktails have never been wrong in any event. As they say, to come up with winning event ideas, start with a solid venue. From gardens to the historic mansion, mini-golf course to a movie theater–the options are endless. 

Top 16.  MGM Resorts

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

MGM Resorts pride itself on providing the sheer variety and diversity of their events. While their event planning strategies remain the same, their attention to detail sees to it that no two occasions they’ve hosted have ever been alike. What makes them even more interesting is their multi-dimensional team. From artists to designers, entertainers to organizers and technicians, MGM Resorts partners with creative professionals to see how their perspectives and skills can contribute to their next event.

Top 15. Visit Orlando

Where: Orlando, Florida 

Visit Orlando involves local partners to get the local community to participate. Since local partners help them advertise, spreading the word and creating a memorable experience for new and old clients has never been this easy.

Top 14. Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area

Where: Washington, D.C. 

Do walkathons ring any bell in you? Honestly, this is not a new event type. Parkinson Foundation of the National Capital Area offers a straightforward website with full-proof participation instructions for online and onsite participants. Just like Visit Orlando, they use local sponsorship as their strategy to spread the word quickly. So as long as event brand and messaging all align, succeeding at any event type is possible. 

Top 13. Verizon

Where: New York, New York 

Verizon is known for its ongoing open house and hiring event series. Typically, event planning companies plan to create possibilities for their customers. Well, Verizon plans some gatherings for their potential employees, too; brand awareness and free education. Undoubtedly, it is one of the famous event planning companies around the globe.

Top 12.  Lincoln Financial Group

Where: Arlington Heights, Illinois

Lincoln Financial Group is consistent in providing a specific group of attendees in mind when planning an event. They are fond of agenda items and speakers that most appeal to their pressing issues.

Top 11. Autodesk

Where: San Rafael, California

Autodesk features your products at your events without making the event entirely about them when hosting an event. They have programmers to code new add-ons or functionalities for your existing programs.

Top 10. Royal DSM

Where: Netherlands

Royal DSM is famous for bringing people together. What makes an event successful is not the venue but personal networking, partnership opportunities, and everything in between. They usually find ways to reconnect with the industry leader you share a relationship with and bring you all together with solid up-and-comers.

Top 9.  Eventive

Where: New York City

Located in New York City, Eventive is world-famous for brand management and awareness. They stand to bring your brand to life through lively events. They seek to break boundaries for their corporate clients. Everyone, this is Eventive one of the famous event planning companies around the world.

Top 8.  Wonderland

Where: London, New York City, and Miami

If you are after an upbeat and young vibe, surely Wonderland will never fail you, or else they are lying about a “creative-led experiential” event company that’s worked with luxury, travel, retail, technology, and other brands verticals for over 15 years.

Top 7. Oren Co

Where: New York City and Los Angeles

Luxurious and trend-setting experiences? It’s time to partner with Oren Co. They are highly referred to as one of the top tastemakers in top events around the globe. They’ve set the standard for particularly private events — in fact, and clients hire Oren Co to avoid the limelight.

Top 6.  Rafanelli Events

Where: Boston, New York City, and Palm Beach.

Sure, you’ve been to weddings, gala events, private events, and corporate events, but have you ever experienced being in Rafanelli events? Owned by Bryan Rafaneelli, this company plans over 100 events in a year. In his own words, the goal is to “try to tell a story.”

Top 5. Debi Lilly

Where: Chicago

In the long run, this event planning company has mastered the event design to help the audience escape reality for an hour or two. They certainly go beyond event production and design; Debi Lilly owns an intimate space called DL Lounge. Indeed, Debi is known for serving high-profile clients.

Top 4.  David Tutera

 From drafting event concept and design to decor and planning, production, vendor management, TV host, and wedding dress designer, David Tutera is the master of luxury weddings. His team is after providing their potential clients the experiences that draw on their wildest imagination.

Top 3. Colin Cowie

Where: New York City, Los Angeles & Las Vegas

It is no surprise how Coin Cowie plans exclusive and extravagant events. After all, he is a book author, designer, and TV celebrity. Although he is known for planning luxurious weddings for celebrity couples, he points out that his work also includes non-profit events and grand openings.

Top 2. MKG

Where: New York City & Los Angeles

Are you looking towards immersive brand experiences and Instagram-worthy environments with #unforgettable brand experiences? Big industry brands turn to MKG for spectacular product launches. Not a single client would say that this agency produces run-of-the-mill events. Tap their website, and immerse yourself with hot-dog seesaws, ball pits for adults, and life-size art installations.

Top 1. Bassett Events, Inc.

Where: Toronto, Canada

Whether you are looking forward to total event production and design, vendor contract negotiation, staffing, sponsor and media management, or video production, Bassett Events, Inc can bring an element of surprise to your event. Off-the-charts wedding? High-profile private parties? Look no further than Bassett Events.

Which of the world-famous event planning companies is the best in the world?

The answer to this question is very subjective. These 19 famous event planning companies showcase their very best in event strategy, hosting, and designing. It is ironic how they streamline their planning process while still providing unique experiences and personalized service for each of their guests, right? Have you had a good experience with these or other event planning companies? We’d love to hear about it. Join the conversation below or contact us