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March 16, 2023

Experiential Travel in Nigeria 2023: Let’s Go Beyond Perfect Tourist Traps

Published on March 16, 2023 by support

Many tourists have discovered that there is frequently more to a destination than what is depicted in most guidebooks and tour companies; a deeper layer reflects the essence of the location today rather than hundreds of years ago—experiential travel.

What is Experiential Travel?

Travelers who engage in meaningful activities or one-of-a-kind experiences for themselves, a location or both are said to be experiencing travel or engaging in experiential tourism. Many tourists desire to return after a trip feeling like they have improved their place or lives. They look for opportunities to engage in activities that support this objective, such as speaking with a local beer brewer to learn why they believe their company has a positive impact or collecting honey to observe firsthand how crucial bees are to the ecosystem.

Experiential Travel

Experiential Travel in Nigeria

Nigeria is well-known for its many cultures, ethnic groups, age-old customs, and openly accessible and unusually varied scenery. Because of these factors, you will have similar experiences in one of the most unusual places you have ever been. Here are a few unusual experiences you can enjoy in Nigeria, regardless of whether you favor crowded urban places’ allure or nature’s tranquility.

  • Owning a Hilltop Castle For a Day.

For a charge, you can live like royalty for a day or a weekend. A bizarre hilltop Visitors to Kajuru Castle in Kaduna are treated to an incredible view and surroundings from one of your favorite fairytales. Because of the castle’s exclusivity policy, you can govern your realm however you see proper.

Tip:  Reserve the castle far in advance. That is possible right now. Naturally, go with a group; the more, the merrier.

  • Climbing Chappal Waddi 

You feel exhausted after the full Chappal Waddi adventure but in a good manner. You have a worthwhile task while engaging with nature on the varied landscape surrounding the nation’s highest peak. Along the journey, you’ll see fauna and get to know a few fish.

Make sure you have everything you’ll need for the hike. Even though the location is secure, you should climb with a companion.

Travel, Experiential

  • Taking on the Amazing Mambilla Plateau

Due to the difficult terrain, getting to the plateau first demands a dependable four-wheeled vehicle with the best handling abilities. That is just one element of the exhilarating two-week trip to the magnificent Mambilla Plateau.

Tip: Remember to pack light! Have a good party and excellent navigating abilities.

  • Partying at New Afrikan Shrine

A night at the New Afrikan Shrine is what you need if you’re up for a “different kind of nightlife.” The Shrine distinguishes itself from a night at a club by quickly creating a near-sublime atmosphere within its open space. Here, there are like-minded individuals, exaggerated movements, and a legendary original and native musical style.

  • Touring Osun and Osogbo

Visitors will have a once-in-a-billion experience with the Osun-Osogbo tour because of its spiritual and historical significance. The journey centers on the famed Osun-Osogbo Grove, where guests may see the final shrines, sanctuaries, idols, rituals, and observations performed in the local tradition. It occurs close to Ile-Ife, which the Yoruba people regarded as their spiritual home.

Experiential Travel

  • The Gurara River for a Swim

The Gurara River, a tributary of the River Niger, flows from the base of the captivating Gurara Waterfalls. On a “good day,” swimming in the Gurara River will rank among your most difficult exercises. On a beautiful day, however, it gently brushes against slick rocks and bounces off eager currents.

Tip: Schedule your trip during the “Dry Season” between January and March, when swimming in the river is most enjoyable.

  •  Courageous Okada Ride

For those who combine beating the Lagos traffic with the exciting need to feel the wind rush into their faces at nearly any time of the day, this is a common occurrence. Cheap motorcycle (okada) rides can be entertaining, depending on what happens along the way. Choose an aesthetically appealing and bike-friendly route, and ensure you can communicate with your rider. The price varies according to the distance you want to travel

Do People Travel For Experiences?

Traveling is a very common and enjoyable hobby. Individuals visit new locations in pursuit of novel encounters and to discover various cultures. Traveling can offer many incredible opportunities to acquire life-enriching experiences through a weekend vacation or a longer excursion. 

Moreover, people can develop new viewpoints, accept diverse customs, and become familiar with various lifestyles by traveling to new regions. People can learn not only useful information but also create lifelong memories. Traveling is a priceless experience that can lead to deeper relationships and a more contented existence.

Changing Patterns in Experiential Travel

In recent years, smartphones have aided in removing that deeper layer, as have social media sites like Instagram, which have assisted tourists in learning about local culture and trying out traditional foods. Particularly Instagram has significantly changed the perception of what many tourists consider thrilling and authentic local experiences. 

Roughly fifty-five percent of travelers surveyed by a site between 18 and 65 said they had made travel plans solely based on photos they had seen on Instagram.

Experiential Travel, Experiential, Travel

But, numerous more factors contribute to visitors’ need for new experiences. The blockbuster success “Crazy Rich Asians” and the mega-hit television series “Game of Thrones” are two recent instances of pop culture phenomena that gave a location a prominent role.

How Can Experiential Travel Help OTAs?

Instead of being a marketing strategy that a business can turn on and off, experiential travel is a brand identity developed over time. The ability of a tour operator to work the magic necessary to create a memorable vacation is something travelers looking to book an experience want to see demonstrated.

Online travel agencies can use user-generated content (UGC) in their marketing to demonstrate this. These are some ways that UGC can benefit tour operators’ bottom lines and help them advertise real-world experiences.

More Direct Reservations

Experiential travels are typically more daring. Therefore they will look at several websites to ensure they receive the best bargain on your tour.

Experiential Travel

UGC can assist tour operators in selling more tours when it is published on their website. A tour operator’s website can generate the greatest revenue due to the high commissions that OTAs, travel brokers, and other distribution partners may demand.

The Transformational Value Of Experiential Travel: Discovering The Unknown

Immersion travel, sometimes referred to as experiential travel, is a unique and life-changing way to visit a nation, city, or location. Instead of only seeing tourist sites and dining at restaurants, experiential tourists want to learn more about the local culture and way of life. To genuinely comprehend the people and culture, experiential travelers, for instance, do more than sample the local cuisine at a restaurant; they investigate the origins of traditional recipes. 

Furthermore, experiential travel, also known as alpha tourism, is an engaging experience that will make visitors want to return again and again. Visitors can find their way around this route by drawing a straight line between the first and last streets on a map. Next, frequently with the aid of a guide, they set off on foot to investigate the region between these two places. When you travel this way, you can find undiscovered treasures and have life-altering experiences.

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