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Millennial Guests
January 12, 2022
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Proven Ways To Entertain Millennial Guests At Your Apartment for Short-let in Lagos This 2022

Published on January 12, 2022 by support

Millennial guests in Lagos may take four months to find an apartment for short-let. Nigeria’s massive commercial capital. The flat is in the in-demand Mainland District and is relatively spacious. It’s close to the 30-year-workplace old’s and has convenient access to a major freeway. Apartment for short-let in Lagos, country house by 22 million citizens, the majority of whom have been renters who have relocated from other parts of Nigeria in search of work. Several people working in the service, technology, and fashion industries face the same problems: high living prices and a limited rental market.

More About Millennial Guests

Keeping current renters satisfied even while innovating good renters to occupy flats or empty rooms is one of the most complicated issues for just about any apartment owner or property manager. If those spots remain vacant, they represent a loss of revenue that will only grow until the system capacity has indeed been with so much competition, rapidly gaining new residents, consisting of younger generation renters, is easier said than done. Frequently, the interior design and amenities of the Apartment are the deciding factors.

Millennials are on the verge of overtaking the baby boomer generation as the largest adult generation. They comprise a significant proportion of all apartment tenants, representing 40% of the property market and 90% of all renters. Experts predict that rental growth will outperform homeownership growth during the next decade. As a result, as more young people start looking for apartments, it’s critical to examine what modern apartment characteristics this group expects to find. Millennial guests in Lagos are more environmentally conscientious than previous generations, and they want their homes to reflect that awareness. They desire environmentally friendly renovations such as energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, and sustainable windows and doors.

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Ways To Entertain Millennial Guests At Your Apartment for Short-let in Lagos


– Location is everything to millennials. In Lagos, the Apartment for short-let offering apartment tours has a point of highlighting the neighborhood and listing neighboring attractions and hotspots. They give the potential tenants a tour and what the locals like to do in their leisure time. They also discuss local favorites, prominent nightlife spots, public transit, and everything else the neighborhood will have to offer.


– It’s no wonder that millennials are concerned about problems such as climate change. These strong sentiments have fundamentally changed the buying behavior of millennials. Fortunately, these viewpoints allow firms to differentiate themselves from the competition while supporting good causes by embracing projects.


– The proportion of young people lack the desire or financial means to purchase kitchen items and transport them from Apartment to Apartment. They don’t intend to make such long-term investments until they have their own home. Renting, security deposits, and relocation charges add up to a significant barrier to entry into a new apartment. By requiring customers to acquire their extra stuff, you are merely increasing the obstacle to apartment leasing. Surprisingly, they’ll be willing to spend extra to rent a fancy apartment rather than buy such purchases.


– Millennials are the first generation to have grown up in the digital age. From work to recreation, they rely significantly on their technological devices. Few things irritate them more than a WiFi network that hinders them from functioning, streaming, TV, playing games, or simply browsing the Internet. If you’re looking for a way to reach generation, Apartment for short-let in Lagos, go no further. Although it may appear to be a minor detail, you’d be surprised at how many younger tenants list WiFi speeds as one of the factors they evaluate when renting an apartment or choosing to move. 

FOMO: Ways to Host an Event For Your Millennial Guests in Lagos

Prolly we have enough money to buy a house and eat avocado toast if we had a naira for every time our Gen X coworker chastised us for wearing ripped pants. Regardless of the jokes, it’s no secret that Millennial guests are distinct from their Generation X peers. Things that Millennials enjoy (like Starbucks, avocados, and pumpkin patch photo shoots) may not appeal to Gen Xers, and that’s fine.

The problem with our disparate interests is figuring out how to engage them simultaneously. There is a huge mix of Millennials and Gen Xers coexisting in today’s workplace. It implies that both generations will be present at the same conferences, meetings, and activities–thus complicating the task of event planners, who must develop innovative ways to engage and include both of these groups at their events.

1. Adopt a mobile-first mindset.

We Millennials are hooked to our phones. Instead of fighting it, embrace mobile to engage Millennials at your next event.

You may include cell phones or tablets in your event in various ways. Having a bespoke, dedicated event app, for example, is a terrific way to encourage mobile usage at your event while also giving useful information to guests. Use QR codes to provide more information or points towards a game by placing them in strategic locations throughout your event and having people scan them for more information or points. These factors let Millennials know that using their phones is OK — and even encouraged. Just make sure your event’s WiFi is stable because nothing irritates Millennials more than sporadic Internet access… except perhaps a scarcity of pumpkin-flavored treats in October.

2. Encourage the use of social media

Keeping with our mobile-first theme, including social media in your event is a good idea. We Millennials adore social media and live for Instagram-worthy moments. We want to show our friends on social media that we were a part of something special. (I understand.) We aren’t exactly the humblest of generations).

Encourage participants to #humblebrag about your event by encouraging them to use social media. Make an event hashtag used in all posts about the event. If everyone’s postings have a hashtag, you can utilize a social wall to display them in real-time. Another fantastic approach to involve Millennials at your event through social media is to hold a “best photo” competition, where attendees may take a selfie or a photograph of the event and tag it with the hashtag. The best photo/caption wins at the end of the day!

3. Encourage participation and interaction

It’s no longer enough to give information during your event; Millennials want to be fully immersed in the experience from beginning to end. To stay interested, people want to be active participants and feel like they are a vital part of your event.

Attendees can be involved in an event in a variety of ways. One method is to use live polling during a meeting. During the presentation, ask the audience a question to indicate that they are a part of the presentation. It’s also crucial to allow Millennials to interact outside of the event. Include multiple networking opportunities, and make it easier by hosting lunch and learns or round tables with specialized subjects in which participants can actively participate.

4. Make use of the most up-to-date technology

Because many of us grew up in the Internet era, millennials are the most tech-savvy generation. Younger Millennials may not recall a period when we didn’t have access to the Internet or had to rely on dial-up (the sound of dial-up still haunts my dreams). As a result, it’s critical to have cutting-edge technology at your event.

Millennials expect everything to be expedited via technology, from online registration to interactive kiosks. You can even make your event more enjoyable by using virtual reality or augmented reality.

5. Participate in games

Finally, Millennial guests are fiercely competitive. While Gen X quips that we live in the “participation award” era, we genuinely like a friendly competition. Games like event app gamification, a QR code treasure hunt, life-size Jenga, bean bag throw, and more may help your event become more competitive. Make each activity worth points, and the attendee with the most points at the end of the event can win a reward. Another excellent concept is to trade points for awesome swag. “I won enough points at a conference a few years ago to get a dog hoodie.” There aren’t many things more Millennial than that.


It doesn’t have to be difficult to engage Millennial guests. In the end, engaging Millennials is all about delivering a memorable, interactive experience. Bonus points if they can post it on social media and cause FOMO among their friends.

Transform your apartment for a short-let in Lagos from a hidden gem to a hot commodity. Partner with us today.

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