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Tips When Looking For Budget Friendly Flats For Rent In Lagos
June 16, 2020
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Tips When Looking for Budget-Friendly Flats for Rent in Lagos

Published on June 16, 2020 by admin

Apartment hunting has never been fun. Especially, if you’re looking for a space to rent in the populous city of Lagos. Looking for short-let apartments or flats for rent in Lagos, Nigeria may require a lot of leg work for you. This includes several visits and meetings with the landlords.

You think you have already compromised with necessary things. Yet, there seems to be no unit that fits your preferences. The place is seemingly nice, but the price costs you a fortune. Or maybe the unit is affordable, but it is really far from your workplace. Worst, the best apartment that perfectly fits your needs has been booked already. This can be very problematic for you. Finding the best flats for rent in Lagos shouldn’t be freaking you out or giving you a lot of stress.

Since Lagos is the major financial centre in Nigeria, it has become the heart of all business activities in the country. Locals and different nationalities are present in this small prominent city. Because of the humongous amount of money that this city is producing, the real estate industry is booming. Online booking platforms have become so popular. However, you can only find the best and most cost-effective apartment for rent in Lagos in a few booking websites.

Flat For Rent In Lagos


We all know that the budget is the most important consideration when trying to find an apartment for rent in Lagos. Gone are the days when low-budget can only book the cheapest and worst spaces. You can still find the best apartment that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. In this blog, we will let you know some tips that might be helpful for you when the budget is tight.

1. Try to Avoid Moving in Peak Moving Seasons

During the popular moving season for renters, the demand for unit availability is very high. With high demand comes an increase in price. Most of the time where schools and universities tend to open for classes, renters or bookers are flocking. Peak seasons affect the rental market. Landlords are more likely to offer some deals and promos when it is “off” season.

2. Have a Pleasing Personality

Finding a good-payer tenant is very hard for landlords. Take this opportunity to find a nice and tidy apartment for rent in Lagos. Present your good credit score and stable job. If you’re a good payer, ask your previous landlord to make a rental reference letter. This letter will serve as proof that you have good records as a tenant. Make sure to talk yourself out and compromise. 

3. Cheap Doesn’t Give Good Deals

You may resort to a very cheap apartment that will fit your budget. However, most of the time, cheap apartments don’t give great offers. Try to consider those apartments that may cost a little bit higher and see the different benefits you can get. 

4. Consider the Location of the Room

Most rooms have high rent prices if it has a nice view outside or if it’s an easy access room. Try to check the price of the apartment on the middle floor. You’ll find a huge price difference from these.

5. Pay in Advance

Landlords need assurance that they will earn from their business. Try advancing payments for the first three to six months. Negotiate with your landlord, and you’ll be able to get cheaper rent.

Finding the best and most affordable flats for rent in Lagos may be difficult. Booking Property List Hub knows your struggles. Hope that the tips mentioned above will give you insights into finding the best apartment for you. For more details, visit plistbooking.com