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December 1, 2021

5 Amazing Family-Friendly Board Games You Must Have for Your Vacation Rental

Published on December 1, 2021 by admin

Family-friendly board games are a great addition to any holiday home, especially if you rent your space on sites like Airbnb or Plistbooking.com for vacation rentals. Board and card games offer a low initial expenditure but a high return on investment! Guests adore them, and they frequently mention how thoughtful it was to provide them in their reviews. Board games are suitable for vacation rentals that cater to families, but they can also be helpful in smaller apartments.

There’s no better way to pass an hour or two on a rainy afternoon at a vacation rental or staycation than gathering around a favorite family board game.

When the weather isn’t cooperating with outdoor activities, did you not want to provide lots of indoor options for your guests? Spoiler alert: add a ton of board games and books!

 Lagos is s a lovely tourist destination with excellent community events and delicious eateries. There is, however, a scarcity of nightlife and indoor entertainment due to the pandemic. Good thing, family-friendly board games can enhance your short-term rental options during the off-peak season while staying within a strict budget.

Evenings and rainy days are made more enjoyable for our guests by adding books, cards, and board games. Our property’s vast range of amenities is consistently praised in guest reviews.

All Vacation Rentals Need Family-Friendly Board Games

The games listed below are suitable for all types of short-term rentals, including those aimed at business travelers, couples, backpackers, and large families. At this time, these games are almost expected at home or in a vacation rental.

  1. Deck of Cards

Any short-term rental must include a deck of cards. A simple deck of 52 playing cards can be used to play a variety of games. Because some cards will go missing over time, buy a large multi-pack of cards and replace them over every few months. Parents enjoy teaching basic games and numeracy skills to their children.

  1. Poker Set

If couples and mature adults are your targets demographic, a professional-looking poker set is a significant upgrade from a simple deck of cards. For “boys away” vacation rentals, poker sets are a terrific option. It provides an enjoyable and reasonably quiet indoor pastime for your guests.

  1. Chess Board

Chess is an excellent choice for holiday rentals aimed at adults and families. The multi-game board is ideal for most holiday rentals, but if your house has higher-end furnishings and design, you may want to invest in a higher-end board.

  1. UNO 

Everybody has played this family favorite! If not, Uno is a simple game to learn and teach and a surprising amount of fun for adults to play with children.

  1. Monopoly

We’re hesitant to promote Monopoly because it has the potential to break families and friends apart, but we are confident that “it’ll be alright.”

Classic Family Board Games Ward Off The Boredom of Guests During Lockdown

Board games are becoming more popular and experiencing a revival. Boardgame cafes and bars can be found in even small towns. The global sales of board games soared dramatically due to the 2020 lockdowns, but the popularity of board games had been growing for some years before that date for various reasons.

Board games are an essential amenity that can help set your vacation rental apart from the competition for families and earn you rave reviews. They can also be a significant nuisance if you choose games that aren’t suitable for holiday rentals or require little upkeep.

Enjoy Your Holidays and Board Games With One of Our Short-Term Rentals

Vacations around the holidays may be a lot of fun. Skiing, shopping, partying, and other activities make for great days. However, there are occasions when you find yourself in a room with a group of people with no plan. The entire family has assembled, as have their friends, and everyone is looking forward to spending their cold days in fun and celebrations.

Try these new, exciting board games with your friends and family instead of looking at your phone or getting out that sad copy of Monopoly. They’re all simple, portable, and affordable, and the majority of them can be found at your local large box or game store.

If you appreciate these games and want to try something new, there are many great options available. Look to sites like Board Game Geek or the board games subreddit for ideas, strategies, and possible pals. 

However, if you book one of our vacation rentals, you need not look for board games–we got it all. Call +234 901 552 5389 for reservations. 

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